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Name:Scott Fuller


Wrong place, wrong time. That's a fact that changed Scott Fuller's life completely when his adoptive family ran afoul of the infamous bank robbers the Gecko Brothers. Up until then, things had been pretty chill-- adopted from China by a preacher and his wife when he was just a baby and growing up with his new sister Kate. It's on a supposed surprise family trip in an RV to Mexico that everything turns upside down.

Until his run-in with the Geckos, Scott had not realized that he was a young man searching for his own identity. Determined, brave, and fiercely loyal to his family-- his sister in particular-- he's been able to make even as big a setback as being turned into a 'creature of the night' work to his advantage. Often seen wielding his favored pair of short swords as weapons, Scott boasts surprisingly good fighting skills to complement his other traits.


Scott's default canon point is immediately following the events of season three of the series, but this is flexible.

I can play in action or prose, past or present tense, as needed. I'm not the fastest tagger, but will happily backtag a thread forever, so don't worry when RL gets in the way. Mun and muse are 21+ Scott belongs to the El Rey Network, Brandon Soo Hoo is his own person, and I lay claim to neither.

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